Simple Ways To Do An IPhone Screenshot And IPad Screen Repair

Taking an iphone screenshot has been one of the widely used applications for people who want to record an event, an audio clip or save some information. To do this, focus your iPhone on the object you want to record. Press the home button and the power button. Now go to the home button at the center of your phone including the power button on your iPhone. Touch or press the two buttons at the same time. You have to be very precise; if not, another application will open. A screenshot is done once you hear the clicking sound. Screenshots are automatically saved in your Photos Application.

There are two options for iPad screen repair. One, you can request a replacement from any Apple store or order online. A replacement will be sent to you or you can go to an Apple store for the service. You can also repair your own iPad screen by procuring the parts, the tools, and input the digitalizer. Approach this with caution because you might incur more damage if you do not do things right.